Membership Clauses

  1. Organisations engaged in trade & commerce, manufacture and trading, agriculture, mining, IT & ITeS, education, etc shall be eligible for election as members of the chamber.
  2. The Committee shall decide any question which may arise as to the eligibility or otherwise of a candidate for admission as a member of the Chamber and their decision shall be final.
  3. Any member may withdraw from the Chamber by giving two months notice in writing to the President or Secretary of the intention of such member to do so and upon the expiration of the notice, such member shall cease to be a member of the Chamber.
  4. A member shall cease to be a member of the Chamber:
    1. In case of a firm if it is dissolved or adjudged insolvent or the partners are convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude.In case of a company, if it is wound up.
    2. In case of a company, if it is wound up.
  5. Admission Fee : An Ordinary Member shall pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 15000/- (Fifteen Thousand) only if company annual turn over is below 10 crores and Rs. 20000/- (Twenty thousand) only if annual turnover is above 10 crores.
  6. The Annual subscription payable by each member shall be as per the schedule described in the membership form.
  7. The Admission Fee for each ordinary member shall be payable on election along with the first Annual subscription. All subsequent Annual subscription shall be payable on the first day of the Financial Year and shall be paid in one installment.
  8. The committee may whenever they think fit levy by way of additional subscription a surcharge of such amount on such members or class of members as they deem fit.