Guidelines and Documents required while giving Visa- Recommendation.
(Note the service will be provided only to the Member Organizations of this Chamber)

  • I. Request Letter addressed to the BNCCI, on the original letterhead of the firm (Application format to be obtained from the Visa Recommendation Department of BNCCI).

  • II. Photocopy of the Passport of the person applying for the Visa.

  • III. Photocopy of the invitation letter received from the Country to be visited.

  • IV. The Request Letter should be signed by a senior officer of the firm and not the person applying for the Visa. All the photocopies must be certified with signature and stamp of the person signing the application.

  • V. Only Documents received in hard copy will be processed.

  • VI. Indemnity Bond number with date.

  • VII. Purposes of Visit.

  • VIII. Fees Payable: ₹ 1000 + GST. Note: We will provide prompt service.

  • IX. Payment must be made through Demand Draft/ NEFT transfer/ Cash/Cheque.

  • X. The representative of the member organization who will apply for the Visa – Recommendation, the person has to be a Bona fide employee of their organization and have to submit the salary certificate or any other relevant document.